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Bart George

Bart was working for North Idaho Mountain Outfitting when we purchased the business in 2014, he had also worked for Travis and Stacey during the 2013 season so he already has a couple seasons under his belt as a guide in that area and has also guided for Selkirk Mountain Outfitting here in northern Idaho as well.  Bart has a very strong conservation ethic as witnessed by his degree from Simpson College where he studied large carnivore research, his regular job working on species recovery with the Kalispell Tribe in northeastern Washington and his involvement with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.  As a hunter Bart particularly enjoys elk hunting with a bow, mule deer hunting and hunting cats with his hounds, he also has an interest in athletics and was a 2003 & 2004 NCAA All American when wrestling on the Simpson College team and stays involved in the sport as a wrestling coach.  On a personal level he is a friendly guy with an easy going yet confident demeanor and we look forward to stealing him away from his work as a big game biologist every chance we can get.