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Ira Hook

Early in the spring of 2014 I received something in the mail I do not get very often, it was an actual resume, complete with an introduction letter, reference list and photographs.  It was from a young man in Wyoming named Ira Hook, he had pack stock, hounds, a considerable amount of experience and he was looking to go to work for an outfitter.  I was rather impressed and a little later that spring when it became apparent that we were probably going to reach an agreement to purchase North Idaho Mountain Outfitting I called Ira and invited him to come up to Idaho and without hesitation he agreed.  Since then he has helped us out tremendously and we hope to have him on the crew for many seasons to come.  He is a very smart, talented young man, he’s pretty good with a gun, a knife, a horse, a mule, or a hound, he is also a certified welder and an all around good hand.  Ira is also able to learn the lay of the land and assess a situation quickly due to the fact that he is very aware of and observant of land marks, game sign and hunting conditions.  With his wide range of talents and skills he is a huge asset to our company and he is better than average company too.