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Joe Stokes

Joe at shooting bench


Joe is a native of northern Idaho and a true hound enthusiast.  He is always optimistic, quick with a smile & devoted to putting game on the end of a track for his hunters.  His energy and enthusiasm for the hunt make him an exceptional guide and has helped to make him very successful in his own hunting endeavors and on a professional level.  We are very excited to have Joe on the team and the results have been nothing less than impressive, we look forward to the future of this young guide with great anticipation.  When it comes to hunting predators with hounds Joe is all over it all the time.  He and I and a few other members of the crew share a common love of hunting behind exceptional dogs and that makes results happen and good times often.  Can’t say enough about how happy we are to have Joe on board and how well he has handled every situation he has been put in.