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Mike Creegan

Bull moose 2012

One day about fifteen years ago, after a very long hike I hit a Forest Service road and was trekking down the road and hoping I might get lucky and hitch a ride with someone headed back toward my truck when I came upon a parked vehicle, I looked around and hollered but there was no answer.  Whomever this vehicle belonged to was a long way from the road or shy so I kept walking, after several more miles the vehicle caught me from behind and stopped to see if I wanted a ride, that was the first time I ever met Mike.  Turns out the reason for his being out there was to try to find the match to a 5 point whitetail shed antler he had picked up on a previous hike, not only had he found the match but he also picked up a very respectable dead head mule deer buck that day as well.  Mikes life revolves around antlers, whether he is looking for sheds, scouting a new spot, hunting or guiding someone else he eats, sleeps and breathes antlers.  He is also an antler buyer and broker if you will.  He is not native to the area but he knows these mountains better than a lot of the natives do because he spends almost all his time out there.  He moved here about 20 years ago and since then has hunted and scouted the area extensively, he has guided for many years for Elk Creek Outfitting on the Montana side of the border as well as guiding for Clark Fork Outfitters both under Mark Berry’s ownership and ours as well.  Mikes experience and continuous scouting make him a very good guide and a tremendous asset to our staff, we really appreciate all of his efforts over the years.  Our hat is off to him for mentoring Jacob Denham into the hunter and guide he is today as well.