Leon and Molly Brown
P.O. Box 311
Clark Fork, ID 83811
(208) 266-0795 - Office
(208) 290-3087 - Leon
(208) 304-7324 - Molly

Molly Brown


Molly could probably be best described as the back bone of this operation, she is the first one up in the morning and spends her entire day working behind the scenes to help and provide for all. She has a professional background as a cook and a banker and she takes care of those duties still today but only for our family and company as well as an assortment of other tasks as co-owner of Clark Fork Outfitters.  She can do payroll, bake a killer huckleberry pie & butcher a deer all in one day on top of making meals for our family, guides & guests and knowing her she might slip in a quick afternoon deer hunt too.  She is a hunter, not the type that gets discouraged easily, not the type to complain but the type of hunter who genuinely enjoys the time she gets to spend in the field regardless of the outcome and is earnestly happy for anyone who is successful on a hunt.  I think the following story exemplifies the difference between her and some so called hunters who are just looking for some easy glory and bragging rights.  One day we encountered a group of guys who had spotted a bear up on a mountainside and were preparing to take a shot at the bear, we stopped and were watching the proceedings as one puffy chested guy bragged about how they were long range wizards when a completely oblivious motorist came down the road from the opposite direction, stopped in front of the hunters and exited her vehicle in hopes of getting some video of her husband and son who were coming down the river below in a kayak.  The puffy chested guy started in on the hapless lady cursing her for being in their way and calling her stupid for stopping in front of people who were pointing guns in her direction, he seemed oblivious to the fact that what they were doing (shooting from a road) was completely illegal and his rant was so unethical I wanted to crawl under my truck in embarrassment, I could only think she probably has a new found dislike for hunters.  The fact that my truck with my hounds in it was parked behind him certainly did not look good for houndsmen, I was outraged but there were about 6 of them and they all had loaded guns and super egos so I just walked away.  Once the coast was clear one of the younger guys took a shot and the bear ran off.  The puffy chested guy, who was obviously the senior member of the crew, blew off some expletive filled ridicule of the shooter and told the young guys to get in the truck.  I had already decided I wanted to prove a point to these slobs so I asked if they were going to walk up to where the bear was, when puffy chest said that the shot was a miss and they were not going to I told them I would take my hounds up there to track it, they pretty much said have fun and drove off.  I asked Molly if she wanted to come but warned her we might not be coming back to the truck for a long time since there are really no other roads in the area, she was game so along with my long time friend and hunting partner Joe we started up the nearly vertical slope, eventually we got up to where the bear was and the dogs took off on the scent trail.  Several hours and miles later we got to the dogs and they had the bear treed.  Molly shot that bear, which was her second bear, and Joe & I managed to wrestle it down off that mountain to a man made cliff where we had to let it free fall about 100 feet down to the road then find a place we could safely get down to the road ourselves.  We loaded up the bear and I headed strait to the tiny nearby town where the puffy chested guy had told me he had a lot on the river, we pulled right in there sweat soaked, bloody and brush scratched but Molly had not complained a single breath all day and I proceeded to tell them all where we finally caught up to the bear and how proud I was of Molly for earning that bear the hard way, knowing they were really just too lazy and unethical to even walk as far as where the bear was when they shot at it to make sure they had not hit it or finish the job if they had.  Maybe they didn’t like being shown up by a girl but then again I didn’t like them so that was fine with me, I was proud of her that day and I still am today.  Not much else has changed since then either, while us guys are busy doing our thing Molly is busy taking care of business, never complaining and completely without boastfulness.