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Our camps are located in Idaho's big game unit 4 within the Coeur 'd Alene National Forest. We have drive in camps where we conduct guided hunts. The camps consist of self contained camp trailers and wall tents.

On guided hunts meals and beverages are provided. The camp staff will prepare the meals as well as stock your camp trailer necessities such as propane bottles for heating, water for sink and shower use. A porta potty is available in camp.These hunts are basically booked by the guide and camp trailer, when you book a hunt you are booking a guide and a camp trailer, if you book as a single hunter you have your own guide and your own camp trailer, if you choose to book as a pair with another hunter or include a non hunting guest then you share your camp trailer and your guide with your partner(s).  The camp trailer sleep 2 very comfortably and 3 if necessary but there is a limit of 3 per hunt and only 2 may hunt with a guide at any given time.  For groups of more than 3 people multiple hunts may be booked during the same time period, subject to availability.

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There is  no cell phone service from any of our camps but you can drive to a place where you can get a signal if necessary in an urgent situation or emergency, Verizon Wireless customers get the best signal, all other carriers service varies depending on carrier.  Our standard hunt takes 7 days including the day of arrival and the day of departure.  For spring bear hunts you will be given driving directions to camp via I-90 or Highway 200 depending on your direction of approach.  For all other hunts you will need to come to Clark Fork, Idaho.  From there you will be driven or led in to camp that day and begin your hunt on the following day.  You will also be driven or escorted out from camp on the day after your hunt is over if necessary.

Camp Based Rates

A pair refers to 2 hunters sharing a tent & hunting with one guide, all hunts are 5 day unless otherwise specified.

For extended hunts of more than 5 days call or send a message for pricing.

Hunt TypeGame AvailableDatesPriceDeposit
Bear/ Bait or Hounds Black Bear, Wolf, PredatorsMay 15 - June 15
Sept 15 - Oct 9
Single Hunter $4000
Pair of Hunters $3500 each
(add a second bear for $1600 upon harvest of first bear)
1 Bear Hunt w/ Bait & Hounds for 5 Days
(2 hunts per day, 1 with hounds & 1 over bait includes 2 guides)
Black Bear, Wolf, PredatorsMay 15 - June 15
Sept 15 - Oct 9
Single Hunter 5500
Pair of Hunters 4500 each
(add a second bear for $1600 upon harvest of first bear)
2 Bear Hunt w/ Bait & Hounds/ 7 Day HuntBlack Bear, Wolf, PredatorsMay 15- June 15
Sept 15 - Oct 9
Single Hunter $8200
Pair of Hunters $6500 each
September Archery Combo
and / or
Predator Combo
(You may only harvest 1 of each species)
Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Bear, Lion, Wolf & Predators
(Archery Only)

Bear, Lion, Wolf & Predators
(Any Weapon)
Aug 30 - Sept 30
(Archery Combo)

May 1-June 30
Aug 30-Oct 9
(Predator Combo)
Single Hunter $5400
Pair of Hunters $4200 each
October Rifle Combo
(You may only harvest 1 of each species)
Elk, Whitetail, Bear, Lion, Wolf, PredatorsOct 10-14
Oct 25-29
Single Hunter $5900
Pair of Hunters $4500 each
8 Day October Rifle Combo
(You may only harvest 1 of each species)
Same as our 5 Day October Rifle Combo but includes 3 day any elk (in a portion of our area)Oct 10-17Single Hunter $8900
Pair of Hunter $5900 each
10 Day October Rifle Combo
(You may only harvest 1 of each species)
Same as our 8 Day October Rifle Combo but includes 2 day Bear, Lion, Wolf only huntOct 8-17Single Hunter $10,500
Pair of Hunters $7600
Moose ComboMoose
Overlaps seasons for all other species
Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Bear Lion, Wolf, Predators
Sept 15- Dec 1
Dates Subject to Tag Drawn
5 Day- $5900
7 Day- $8000
Non-Hunting Guest$900- 5 day hunt
$1100- 7 day hunt
$1200- 8 day hunt
$1400- 10 day hunt

Prices do not include 9% Idaho State Sales tax & land use fee.
All past clients receive a 10% return customer discount on the basic hunt fee.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express.
Initial deposits submitted with a card are free of charge, subsequent card payments are subjected to a 3.5% card transaction fee.

All meals and lodging for 5 days of hunting and 6 nights lodging.
Transportation vehicles, ATV’s, snowmobile, boat as necessary.
1 experienced guide.
Field care/caping/packing/handling of game animals.
Transport of meat to a local locker for processing.
Transport of trophies to a local taxidermist.
Pick up of processed meat from local lockers and to shipping terminal
(does not include cost of processing, coolers, dry ice or freight).

Drawing blood on an animal concludes your hunt for that animal if recovered or not. For bear hunts you may hunt for a 2nd bear for the fee listed on our website upon harvest of first bear.

Available Discounts Include:
Return Client Discount: 10% (this can be applied for groups of first time hunters who book more than 1 guide)
Military Service Discount: 5%
Active Duty & Disabled Veterans: 10%
Youth Hunters Discount: A youth hunter (12-17yrs old) may hunt with their own guide for 10% off
or hunt with another hunter and their guide for the same fee as a non-hunting guest.

Discounts cannot be combined.

Hunting license- $185.00
Regular Deer tag- $351.75
Panhandle Elk tag- $651.75
Bear tag- $41.75
Mountain Lion tag- $41.75
Wolf tag- $31.75
Moose tag- $2,626.75
Archery Permit- $81.75
Muzzleloader Permit- $81.75
(No special tags or permits are required for predators or forest grouse)

Trip Booking Policy
Our booking policy is on a first paid first served basis. A deposit in the above outlined amount is required to reserve dates. Since deposits are for specific dates and on a first paid basis we regret that refunds cannot be made however you may reschedule your hunt for different dates one time only, subject to availability. If you need to reschedule your hunt a 10% rescheduling fee will be assessed to your deposit already paid and the remaining credit will be applied to your new hunt.
Upon receipt of your deposit a letter of confirmation, liability release form, questionnaire, suggested equipment list, invoice for balance due and receipt for deposit will be mailed to you.
We recommend that you also send your license and tag fees with your questionnaire and liability release form. This will minimize leg work that needs to be done once you arrive and guarantee that you get desired tags before the sales quotas for nonresident deer & elk tags is met.

THE NEAREST AIRPORT IS SPOKANE WASHINGTON (about 2 ½ hours drive from the lodge).
Balance of fees + 9% sales tax and land use fee and a signed liability release form are due before hunting begins. If paying by check please send 30 days prior to arrival, fees are not considered paid until a check clears.
We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone

Leon & Molly Brown
P.O. Box 311
Clark Fork, ID 83811

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