Gray Wolves and Predators


We will be conducting late winter Gray Wolf hunts utilizing calling as our primary method of hunting. We have only had a season for hunting for about 5 years and nobody has actually taken the plunge and booked a hunt with us for wolf hunting so our expertise is limited in this field however we know the areas frequented by wolves in our guiding areas and are eager and optimistic about the hunting opportunities. Fortunately we do not have as many wolves as some areas in the state but we have at least two established packs and other singles and pairs that travel through the area. Although we do not have as many wolves as some areas of the state, particularly the wilderness areas, we have the advantage of being able to access the country by track machine or snowmobile and believe success is as likely here as any place in Idaho. We are studying their patterns and hope to conduct some successful hunts soon. I think calling should be effective during late winter, it is the breeding season and being able to follow their sign in the snow should give us a good idea of the best areas to set up in. We have recently talked to a local young man who has expressed interest in guiding wolf hunts and with his background and experience we are optimistic success is attainable with a little persistence and hard work. There is no doubt this will be a challenging hunt and opportunities to harvest will be hard won but as with any hunt getting out there and spending the time is bound to be the most crucial element.

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