Justin Webb

2371Born in Eugene Oregon, my parents moved me to the mountains of North Idaho when I was two years old. This is where I would spend the remainder of my younger childhood days, learning to value the simple things in life. We spent our first year on the mountain, living in an old blue canvas tent, while my Dad rustled up material and threw together a stick framed house with log rafters. My youngest childhood memories include being awakened by the sounds of raccoons or skunks stealing our bread and other groceries from the bags at the foot of my bed... Then hiding in the upper loft of our shack, from the Black Bears who would break into our ice box where we stored our meat. Living far off the grid, without electricity or running water, a full mile from the nearest gravel road, we learned to get by with very little, and to appreciate everything we had. I learned young what it was like to go hungry, and gained a huge appreciation for the venison my dad would bring home, which sustained us through the long cold winters. At that point hunting was a means of survival, not recreational. By age eight I was doing my part to help provide for our family with the occasional Ruff grouse or Cottontail Rabbit that I would proudly bring down with my BB gun. Many would have considered us poor... but we had the whole mountain, and everything we needed, we got from that mountain. That was as rich as a young boy could ever wish to be.

I’m an avid outdoorsman who scouts, hunts, traps, guides, picks up shed antlers, and loves to fish. Other passions include attending my sons sporting events, and conservation work. Not all my successful hunts end with harvesting an animal. However, I’ve accomplished many goals, and been blessed to have harvested a few of what I consider to be once in a lifetime animals (for what my home ground has to offer). A bull elk scoring over 335”, a 400 lb Black Bear scoring right at 20”, a Blonde phase Black Bear, Three Mule Deer bucks over 175”, and a double dropper Whitetail buck at over 172” to name a few. In the steep brushy terrain of North Idaho, harvesting any one of those animals is quite an accomplishment, and I know I have been truly blessed.

Conservation is a big part of my life. Having three children of my own, my hope is they, and the rest of the next generation, are lucky enough to experience the things I’ve been so blessed to have enjoyed. I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel it’s only right to give back; to leave the mountain a little better than I found it. I currently serve as the Mission Advancement Director of the Foundation for Wildlife Management, the Selkirk Chapter Chairman of the Mule Deer Foundation. And I’m the Founder of the Idaho Big Game Foundation.


As years pass, I find more reward in the experience of the hunt itself. Working as a Hunting Guide affords me the opportunity to experience hunt after hunt, while allowing me to share my passion for the outdoors with other people. I’m relatively new to Clark Fork Outfitters, but I’ve guided numerous hunters to many Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer, & Bear. I view each hunt as an adventure, and I’m willing to work as hard, or harder than any client, to assist them in accomplishing their goals, (regardless of if they harvest an animal) and to make their hunt a success!

Keep the wind in your face, the sun at your back, and leave the Mountain a little better than you found it! See you on the Mountain!


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