CFO Fall 2013 007

Moose tags are on a draw and can be hard to get but with the addition of the unit 4 area we now have many more tags available to try to draw from and there is no points system so anyone stands as good of a chance as the next person of drawing a tag. We have very good trophy quality shiras moose and northern Idaho has produced many Boone & Crockett qualifiers. Calling works well in late September and October, the other prime time to hunt moose is in November when we get some fresh snow and can track them or at least determine precisely how fresh their sign is. Because of the limited number of tags we do not take a lot of moose hunters but typically get about 1 hunter per year and have had 100% success so far on moose since Clark Fork Outfitters was founded. The tag is a little expensive and you have to submit the full fee to apply but everything besides the cost of your hunting license and a small application fee is automatically refunded to you if you do not draw a tag.

Application period for moose tags is April 1-30 so please contact us prior to then for assistance with application.

Here are some pictures of a few bulls taken by Clark Fork Outfitters clients. Since tags for moose are by lottery drawing only we don't get very many moose hunters so we have also added pictures of CFO staff and friends as well as other photos of bulls taken in our area to help give an idea of what the potential of our area is. We have had 100% success on the moose hunts we have guided and are confident that if we can start getting a few more hunters we can produce some record book Shiras bulls. If you would like to try applying for a permit be sure to contact us prior to or during the month of April for assistance with your application.

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