Jacob Denham


Jacob is a native of Clark Fork with bright blue eyes and a warm smile who has managed to make a living here in this fairly depressed little town and I suspect he will continue to do so for the rest of his life.  He has the abilities, skills and initiative to do what a guy needs to do to survive around here whether the task at hand is packing a tree stand a half mile up the side of a mountain, guiding an elk hunt, trapping nuisance beavers, cutting 10 cords of firewood in a week or plowing out after 2 feet of snow falls Jacob can handle the job and he has carved out a living here for himself, his wife and his 2 young daughters.  He is the one I call at 8pm when I need a ride and I am 20 miles back in the mountains or when I need a dump truck load of rocks moved by hand, he has a strong back and a willing hand.

Jacobs hunting background is mostly in deer, elk and moose hunting as well as some spot and stalk and baited bear hunting but after the last couple seasons he has now become quite familiar with hunting bear and lion with hounds as well.  He is the only guy I know who has ever killed an elk and a bear with a bow with a broken leg, full length cast and crutches.  He was mentored as a hunter by veteran guide Mike Creegan who has been in the business for over 20 years guiding both in Idaho and Montana and I have tried to round this out with experience in the aspect of hunting over dogs.  I trust and rely on Jacob and he has come through for us in many clutch situations, just don't ask him to stare down a mountain lion...

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