Trophy Photos Gallery

Here are some photos of game taken by our hunters.  We don't have photos of every animal taken and some are not what everyone would consider a trophy, but a trophy is most certainly in the eye of the beholder and whether young or old a hunters first of any species is usually a trophy to them, many of these animals represent a first or possibly a last for someone.  We enjoy helping hunters achieve their goals and although some of the animals we take are trophy class even by the most discriminating standards, ultimately our success is not measured in inches but in customer satisfaction.

Success rates on elk vary depending on the season hunted but our September archery hunts and our late October rifle hunt have been producing the most opportunity the last couple years. The late October rifle hunt also provides the best opportunity to combine elk and deer hunting. We have heavy antlered Rocky Mountain elk that generally mature to be over 300” with some topping 350”.
Black Bears are some of the most fascinating, intelligent and fun animals to hunt and the opportunity to hunt bears of all colors with bait, hounds or by spot and stalk makes this a very interesting and exciting hunt with a very good success rate. About 50-60% of our bears are some color phase other than black so if a color phase bear is what you are after this is an excellent area to hunt and we keep trail cameras on every active bait site so we can target a bear or bears that suit your bear hunting goals. We have well established baits, fully trained hounds and experienced guides to ensure the best opportunities possible.
Moose tags are on a draw and can be hard to get but with the addition of the unit 4 area we now have many more tags available to try to draw from and there is no points system so anyone stands as good of a chance as the next person of drawing a tag. We have very good trophy quality shiras moose and northern Idaho has produced many Boone & Crockett qualifiers.
These hunts take place over clear cuts, selectively logged areas, power line rights of way and mountain trails from fixed stands, ground blinds or by spot and stalk on both public & private land. Rattling for whitetails can be very effective in mid November. Many of these heavy antlered whitetails will range in the 130 to 150 class with an occasional animal scoring in the 160’s, 170’s or more and mule deer can be even larger. These are also large bodied deer with some whitetail bucks weighing over 200 lbs. and mule deer bucks that can top 300 lbs.
One of the most exhilarating things a hunter can do is come face to face with an adult mountain lion and as a natural result a passion for many of us here at Clark Fork Outfitters is hunting mountain lion with hounds. We have a long standing record of success on big cats, most all could qualify for Pope & Young and we have produced Boone & Crockett qualifiers as well.
We will be conducting late winter Gray Wolf hunts utilizing calling as our primary method of hunting. We have only had a season for hunting for about 5 years and nobody has actually taken the plunge and booked a hunt with us for wolf hunting so our expertise is limited in this field however we know the areas frequented by wolves in our guiding areas and are eager and optimistic about the hunting opportunities.
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