Molly Brown

leondeer2Molly could probably be best described as the back bone of this operation, she is the first one up in the morning and spends her entire day working behind the scenes to help and provide for all. She has a professional background as a cook and a banker and she takes care of those duties still today but only for our family and company as well as an assortment of other tasks as co-owner of Clark Fork Outfitters including some guiding. She can do payroll, bake a killer huckleberry pie & butcher a deer all in one day on top of making meals for our family, guides and guests and knowing her she might slip in a quick afternoon deer hunt too. She is a hunter, not the type that gets discouraged easily, not the type to complain but the type of hunter who genuinely enjoys the time she gets to spend in the field regardless of the outcome and is earnestly happy for anyone who is successful on a hunt.

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