We no longer put our clients contact information on the internet, please contact us for a list of references.  Below are some testimonials from our clients and some links to reviews.

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Name: Fred Harris
Dates Hunted:  May 2015 & 2016
I have gone hunting with Clark Fork Outfitters for 2 years in a row and have signed up for a third (2017). Leon and Molly Brown run a first class operation, the camp site is great, the food is everything you want thanks to Molly and the cooks/guides. They have an on site freezer for your bear hides/meat and a to die for shower tent (if you choose to use it) The first hunt there were 4  hunters and we got 4 bears, 3 big ones, the second hunt 3 hunters returned from the first hunt and we got 4 more bears, 1 really large one. I love hunting with them so I signed up for a third one. All the guides work really hard and take good care of their hunters and they are fun to be around. They have lots of bait sites and cameras to choose the best spot and color of bear to hunt ( I have taken 1 black and 2 brown color bears). There are lots of bears in the area (large) and you can take 2 if you want, one of us did on each hunt. I can't wait to go next year.

Name: Travis Taves
Dates Hunted:  January 2016
I am from north central Wisconsin and have about 22 plus years of hunting experience of many types of game.  From small game to deer to running my own hounds on bear and bobcats and owning a guides service in Wisconsin, however we do not have a mountain lion season here.  A mountain lion hunt has always been on the top of my list.  I chose to go with good friends of mine Leon and Molly  Brown of Clark Fork Outfitters.  After a 24 hour 1600 mile drive I arrived in the afternoon and was greeted by Molly and their daughter Ashley. Leon and their son Devon were out on the mountain looking for some fresh sign and breaking some more trails open.  After a great meal and catching up it was time to get some rest for long days of hunting ahead and from the long drive.  The next morning we headed out on snowmobiles in very deep snow up the mountain.  We went about 35 miles and had found some good lion tracks but both of us decided that they didn't look very fresh and that we would be best to look in the morning for these cats moving off the mountain or out of a canyon.  On Monday morning lion tracks were pretty slim as the fresh snow had showed that they didn't move during the night however while tracking off a canyon I did locate a nice bobcat track.  It was almost mid-day and we decided to turn out on it.  The dogs did a great job in deep snow with tons of snow falling out of the trees on the warming day.  They trailed up the mountain and soon showed treed.  We went around to the other side of the mountain, strapped on much needed snow shoes and started the up hill hike from there.  Soon we were standing there listening to the sound of the hounds telling us where the bobcat was.  We decided it was a good bobcat and I harvested it.  This bobcat weighed 30# and had beautiful color.  We packed it out to the snowmobiles and headed back to the trucks.  The next morning left us both very excited for one of the big cats to have moved during the night.  We again made the same 30 plus mile trek in on snowmobiles looking for signs of one of the big toms.  Sure enough, what appeared to be the track of a mature tom had crossed our tracks.  We turned out two of the start dogs and got the track rolling and added two more dogs.  Again the conditions weren't perfect as large amounts of snow were falling from the trees in the warming sun hitting the valley.  The dogs did a great job and kept the track going.  In short time the GPS showed that the well trained dogs had put this lion in the tree and  it was time to start the hike in.  As we approached the tree we could see it was a mature tom lion.  We found a good vantage point and tied the dogs back.  With one well placed shot we watched my trophy lion tumble to the ground and slide to a stop at the base of the mountain.  I was excited to say the least.  After dragging my lion out and strapping him down it was time to make the journey back to the trucks.  From my first trip in the back country to my last trip out I knew that whether I harvested an animal or not this was going to be a great experience I would not forget. I would like to say that Leon's knowledge of his expansive outfitting zones is amazing.  Clark Fork Outfitters is top notch in every aspect from Molly's home cooked meals to their top notch hounds and other gear they use.  The scenery in North Idaho is matched to any other place on the planet and game is plentiful.  As a guide my self I can say that you don't always get an animal but Clark Fork Outfitters does everything they can to see that you have the best opportunity at it.  I would recommend any hunt with Leon and Molly any time for any game.  I can't wait to get back to North Idaho for my next hunt with Clark Fork Outfitters.

Name:  Doug Dostal
Dates Hunted:  November & December 2014, December 2015
So you think winter mountain lion hunting is a walk in the park? I mean drive around, find some tracks, turn some dogs on a big cat and stroll out to shoot the treed deer killer? I have heard people say “what kind of challenge is there in that”? Well maybe that’s the drill for some outfitters in some parts of the world, but I’m here to tell you that in Northern Idaho the terrain ain’t no walk in the park and with such expansive prime rugged habitat the big framed cats up there just don’t want to be caught. Unless you have unlimited time to scout an area, purchase and train hounds to chase bear/cats, and purchase a camp along with all the stuff you need for a comfortable hunt camp - you will need and outfitter. In the wicked Idaho panhandle you will need an outfitter knowledgeable of the area and game in the area, appropriate gear, dependable backcountry transportation, hounds that don’t quit, and hounds men that don’t quit either. Course it does not hurt to have some luck - effective preparation should improve the luck part. Clark Fork Outfitters fulfills all of that and more and their booking prices are very reasonable to boot! My hunting experience with Leon includes a lion hunt that I would not trade for any of the other hunts that I have gone on (thank you Leon, Molly, Boone, Faith, and Drifter). Leon also set up an “in the rut” whitetail hunt that was geared mainly for my 2 boys. Each of the boys took a good whitetail – shoulder mounts are now on their walls with nice memories. Leon and Molly operate an “old school” family business with their 2 children being quite involved year around as well. Opening their home to clients, home cooked meals, and their refreshing honesty/integrity is the old school part…they utilize current technologies to assist with hunter expectations and provide a safe, productive, and memorable hunt. Thank you Clark Fork Outfitters for the fun and success over the last couple of years.

Name:  Bo Bennett
Dates Hunted:  November 2015
During my life hunting has been both a passion and a profession for more years than I want to count. I shot my first big game animal in Alaska in 1968. I killed my first Canada moose in 1970 near Kamloops, B.C. and harvested a great Alaska-Yukon bull the in 1999 with many in between. Finally in a position to better manage my work responsibilities early last year I decided I wanted to hunt moose at least one more time. I’m way too old to start collecting bonus points so I chose Idaho as all applications are equal. I first spoke with Leon Brown in 2012 about an elk hunt but work got in the way. I remembered his honesty and straight forward answers so I called him again to see if he could provide a hunt. Leon gave me a complete rundown on the drawing odds and a thorough orientation about the terrain I would encounter. As Leon already had hunters lined up for the draw, I was more than happy to apply in the area and time he suggested. A couple months later I got my tag in the mail. Leon encouraged me to get be in shape, get a deer tag and even suggested we might be able to get a lion if the weather cooperated. I had to agree with his philosophy to take advantage of every opportunity!
Over the next couple months we kept in close contact. I let him know that I had a considerable hunting background and had already taken 20 North American species and had guided for some of the most famous and infamous master guides, hunters, and outfitters in Northern British Columbia and Alaska. Leon assured me he had some great guides on his staff. When I arrived at Clark Fork I was met exactly at the prearranged time by Jacob Denham. Jacob explained that he would be my guide for the first couple days. I quickly peppered him with questions and got thorough answers. Like all good guides he asked about my physical conditioning prior to the hunt and my shooting ability. Later that evening Jacob and I joined Molly and her kids for dinner. We had a great conversation and just before heading to the nearby hotel, I asked Jacob what was his favorite animal to hunt? He said he needed to think that over.
On the hour long drive to the hunting area Jacob explained that he had decided moose was his favorite animal because they are so big and the tags are so few. I liked his answer. As a former guide and outfitter I tend to look at the small details that are often overlooked by those not completely familiar with the business. The guide in me made sure I was completely prepared for the hunt. As a client I ask these questions: Is the hunt reasonably priced? Once in camp are things truly as described? When hunting late in the season do the guides show any signs of fatigue? Do they hunt hard from dawn to dusk? Did I get the same level of intensity as the first hunter of the season? Were my hunting expectations discussed and honored? Were there any maintenance issues with vehicles or other equipment? Was the meat and trophy cared for properly? Did the entire staff seem happy and excited to have me in camp?
I am more than pleased to answer a resounding yes to those questions and a myriad of others as well. In my opinion Leon and Molly run a fantastic outfitting business. Leon’s knowledge of his territory is phenomenal. Every aspect my hunt was professionally handled and Clark Fork Outfitters fulfilled all my moose hunt aspirations. I thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of Leon and Molly’s hunting family. My only complaint is that I left a couple days early to try to fill cow elk tag in Washington. I will certainly hunt with Leon again and highly recommend Clark Fork Outfitters. Ask for my number and give me a call. It is easier to talk than type!

Name:  Tim Moore
Dates Hunted: October 2015
I just wanted to write and tell you what a great time Eric and I had on our hunt last week.  You have a wonderful operation and I can't praise Tyler's abilities as a guide enough.  We look forward to seeing you again.

Name:  Bill De St. Jean
Dates Hunted: October 2015
If your looking to hunt in the Idaho panhandle region then this is the outfitter for you. I decided to hunt Idaho for the first time and not being familiar with the area I chose to go with an outfitter. After some research I chose Clark Fork Outfitters and I made a great choice. From the first time I talk with Leon and Molly they were very professional from how to apply for tags to what type of gear to bring and when to meet for pre-hunt instructions and meet your guide.
Jacob my guide for most of my hunt was excellent. I've been hunting western states for over 40 years and I do know how to hunt elk and deer. We would start before day light and not come back till after dark this was not riding around in a pickup all day either but being down where the elk were. When we came back in at night Molly had excellent meals for us. I had such a good time that I've booked another combo hunt  for  the 2016 season.
Thank you Leon, Molly, Jacob and all the  staff at Clark Fork Outfitters.
Bill De St Jean

Name: Jordan, Jared, Jacob and Paul Dirnberger
Dates Hunted: September 2015
On behalf of my brothers, my dad and myself I would like to once again say thanks to  you ALL for making our recent elk hunting trip a great experience! This trip made #4 for myself and #2 and #3 for my brothers and dad out west. I can honestly say it was most definitely the greatest trip to date for us all.  We were all overly impressed with your guides knowledge and dedication to our hunting success at Clark Fork Outfitters. Tyler and Justin gave us 110% the entire hunt and worked countless hours each day to put us all on bulls!! (which they did every day). We all had great encounters each day and our dad killed his first bull! (he has not quit talking about that bull since we left Idaho) As bow hunters we all know a kill is always the bonus of the trip so with 1 bull down and countless encounters we were all very pleased with our whole experience and hope to return to hunt with you guys when time allows In our schedules!
Last but not least we also would like to express our appreciation for the excellent home cooked meals from Molly.... They were all great! It was so nice to have a hot meal after the days hunt. Dillon  did an excellent job in camp cooking as well and was a huge help on quartering and helping  pack out dads bull!
Thanks again for everything
The Dirnberger's
(Jordan, Jared ,Jacob and Paul)

Name:  Martin Leiby
Dates Hunted: June 2015
My June spring black bear hunt couldn't have been more enjoyable. I had Tyler as my guide and thoroughly enjoyed his companionship and expertise. He worked very hard in helping me bag my first black bear. This was my first western hunt. I had very comfortable accommodations and Molly was a great cook. Am going back this fall for elk and mule deer. Leon and Molly made me feel right at home and I'm sure it's going to be another pleasant experience. Highly recommended. I live Pennsylvania  and look forward to talking to anyone who would have an interest in hunting with Clark Fork Outfitters. Thanks.

Name: Josh Moos
Dates Hunted: May 2015
I’ve hunted in Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho and I have to say Clark Fork Idaho is the most amazing area I’ve been. The mountains, rivers and lake make for absolutely stunning views.
Leon and Molly provided a great hunting experience for me, they treat you like family. They are great people, have a great family and do anything to make sure you have a great time. I had a successful hunt and harvested a good male black bear, but that was just the icing on the cake. All of the other experiences of the hunt made it a success before I filled my tag. I highly recommend Clark Fork Outfitters and cannot wait to get back out there and hunt with them again.

Name: Remington Barnes
Dates Hunted: February 2015
My dad and I wanted to go on a hunting trip together, and we wanted it to be once in a lifetime trip. This was our first guided hunt, and after a lot of research looking into different outfitters, we picked Clark Fork Outfitters. I have to say, I could not be more satisfied with the choice. Leon, his family, and the staff of Clark Fork Outfitters welcomed us like family and made it exactly the experience that we were looking for. The guides were very professional and worked hard to put us on a lion in challenging conditions. Leon's 20+ years hunting and guiding in these units really showed as he and his guides were able to locate a mature cat for me. All in all, Clark Fork Outfitters exceeded all of our expectations about what a guided hunt could be, and I would definitely recommend Leon and his staff to anyone looking for a hunting trip they will never forget.

Name: Bill Campbell
Dates Hunted: December 2013 & December 2014
I hunted mountain lion with Leon in December 2013.  We had very poor weather and could not hunt every day.  Leon very graciously allowed me to carry over the unused days to December 2014.  That time, we had great tracking snow and I was successful in hunting a bobcat and a mountain lion.  Leon is a hard-working guide who knows his area well.  His dogs and equipment are top-notch.  I recommend him very highly.

Name: Garrick Yamamoto
Dates Hunted: November 2013 & September 2014
Hi my name is Garrick Yamamoto and I am from the big island of Hawaii and I have had the pleasure of hunting with Leon and the guys from Clark fork outfitters twice now my first trip up was a last minute hunt! I had plans to go on a different hunting trip and had some complications on that trip I called Leon and he had a opening to come and hunt whitetail deer! And also may I remind you it was the week of thanksgiving! While I was hunting with clark fork outfitters the guides were very nice, knowledgeable and hard working! I was lucky enough to harvest a nice buck on the second to the last day of the hunt!!! While harvesting a buck was one of the high lights of the trip don't let me forget about the food!!! There was great food every day and on thanksgiving night we got to share a thanksgiving meal with Leon and his family!!! The spread was awesome and the home made pies that Leon's wife Molly made was great! it was an awesome experience! Also while up on this trip my guide told me about hunting with the hounds for bear and mountain lion!!! And needless to say I was excited so I booked a bear hunt for the following year fall and brought  4 of my buddies with me!  We were all successful with our black bears and had a great time!!!!

Name:  James & Amy Weppler
Dates Hunted:  September 2013 & May 2014
"I booked a guided archery elk hunt as a surprise for my husband's 40th birthday.  From the very first contact with Clark Fork Outfitters I felt confident that I had made the right guide choice.  Leon and Molly made us feel like family from the moment we arrived.  Our guide was amazing and more than willing to hunt hard with us for the entire 5 day hunt.  We hunted from daylight to dark every day, rain (and there was one day of SERIOUS rain and wind) or shine.   All though we were not afforded a shot opportunity, we experienced the thrill of chasing a bugling bull elk over some of the most beautiful country we had ever seen.

So when I decided I wanted a chance to shoot my first black bear I knew who to call.  Leon at Clark Fork Outfitters of course.   We booked a 5 day spring black bear hunt in May of 2014.  Again, Clark Fork Outfitters didn't disappoint.  We hunted hard again from daylight to dark from both tree stands and with hounds.  It was a very exciting week of  chasing bears and experiencing hound hunting for the first time in my life.  I was lucky enough to harvest my first black bear on the last day of the hunt.

We would not only recommend Clark Fork Outfitters for anyone looking to book a guided big game hunt in Idaho, but we would insist on it.  Very professional and well run guiding operation.  Amazing, amazing people who we are proud to now call friends!"

Name: Patrick Rasmussen
Dates Hunted: May 2013
I moved back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest with the military and always wanted to try a Spring Bear hunt.  I did some research on the Internet and found Clark Fork Outfitters.  Their professional website peaked my interest so I called and spoke with Leon, who was very pleasant.  He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions.  I booked the hunt and went out to Idaho in late May 2013.  Leon and Molly were great hosts and went the extra mile for me during the hunt and stay with them.  Molly even washed my clothes for me.  The hunting was spectacular.  Being from Wisconsin, I had never seen color phase Black Bears before as they are all almost black back home.  Sitting on the bear bait in a stand was a real treat and also running the hounds on a bear was another great experience.  Leon is a well spoken and intelligent hunter who knows how to get results for his clients.  I harvested a Cinnamon color phase bear and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I have it hung in my Great Room for all to see.  I highly recommend hunting with Clark Fork Outfitters to harvest a trophy big game animal.

Name: Jon Steffenhagen
Dates Hunted: December 2007
It  was  one of the  most  exciting  times  of  my  life..If  you  want a  great hunt  hook up  Leon  and  the  staff..YOU WILL NOT  REGRET  IT!!!!!!!!!!...I  could  type  for  hours...  I  think  of  my  experience everyday..and  tell the  story over and  over,,I  would  be  more  than  happy  to  talk  with you ,, if  you  have  ???;s,,  contact me  any time,,,
Jon Steffenhagen  (Jon is on our lion hunting references list, please contact us for reference list)

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